New: the whole world of aviation obstacle lighting in a single concept system

The new family of day/night beacon systems fulfills all important international lighting profiles in a just a few designs. The latest LED lights are significantly smaller in design than their predecessors, more energy-efficient, and can be switched more easily between lighting profiles.

Supported Lighting Profiles:

  • ICAO Medium-Intensity Type A
  • ICAO Medium-Intensity Type B
  • ICAO Medium-Intensity Type C
  • ICAO Low-Intensity Type B
  • ICAO Low-Intensity Type E
  • FAA L810
  • FAA L864
  • beacon W, red ES
  • as well as a variety of infrared profiles, for example TraFi or MoD

Essential features at a glance:

  • Easy switching between lighting profiles via DIP switch – also works in the field
  • GPS-synchronized flashing
  • Integrated brightness sensors with automatic adjustment of light intensity – even in twilight
  • Integrated logbook records
  • Suitable for operation with a sight gauge
  • Maintenance-free design
  • Corrosion-resistant materials on all surfaces
  • Optical components and seals have high UV and ozone resistance


  • Integrated heating (CCV)
  • Radio network
  • Infrared options (IR) for all lamps

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