Bright lights for the wind power industry: LED obstacle light systems in all performance classes – intelligent, hard-working, communicative

Quantec-LED obstacle lights, made in Germany, represent the cutting edge of this technology for use under harsh conditions - onshore and offshore. A comprehensive program in all performance classes from 10 cd to 100 000 cd combines groundbreaking core features, including long-life technology, intelligent function management, communication capability, or plug & play commissioning. Welcome to the dialog.

Quantec Signal’s intelligent, communication-capable LED obstacle systems for the identification of airborne obstacles, pursuant to ICAO, represent the latest state of the art. Here are the most important features at a glance:


When manufacturing Quantec LED obstacle light systems (made in Germany), only high-quality materials with behavioral coefficients that harmonize 100% with each other are used. This ensures an extremely high degree of resistance to the elements and under harsh conditions – both onshore and offshore:

  • Waterproof and dust-tight housing connections, resistant to temperature and mechanical stress
  • Housings and supply lines are lightning-proof and overvoltage-proof
  • Shock and vibration resistant robust housing
  • Corrosion-resistant materials for all surfaces, electrical contact components, and fastening accessories (sea water resistant anodized aluminum; optionally with stainless steel)
  • High UV and ozone resistance, especially for optics and seals.

Intelligent light control

Maintaining constant light signal quality over the entire service life of up to 100,000 hours is one of the outstanding distinguishing features of Quantec’s obstacle beacons – under all environmental conditions and situations.

High-quality optical components, as well as LEDs with an enormous control reserve and intelligent light intensity management, with a resolution of more than 65,000 levels, provides the required signal quality in all light, weather, and temperature conditions without compromise – and also contributes to securing against age-related LED performance deviations.

Effective communication

Constant communication with the integrated sensors and the obstacle light systems, all integrated into the same parking concept, produces homogeneous behavioral structure in the systems.

Every obstacle is equipped with complete control, regulation, and communication components, so that it fulfills the complete requirements and performance profile, both alone and when park-integrated and synchronized into the network.

Comprehensive list of basic features and options

  • Integrated GPS module for interval synchronization of the hazard beacons of an entire park, standard in every system
  • Day/night switching in response to changing light situations (regulated by the integrated brightness sensor), standard
  • Luminosity control for adjusting brightness as appropriate for weather-dependent visibility, optional (in conjunction with a sight gauge)
  • Logbook function integrated into each light records visibility control data, day/night switching, and more, and keeps this information available for a period of more than 10 years.
  • Optional: radio module and antenna integrated into the light housing, (communication in mesh networks for synchronized day/night switching, or switching according to visibility within one or several networked parks)
  • ModBus communication interface for advanced control options

Independent and easily integrated

The latest generation of Quantec LED beacons integrate control and communication modules completely within the compact housing of the light. The optics concept with LEDs and lenses for generating the required radiation characteristics is thereby implemented in a single platform. A side effect in this context: weight reduction by more than 25 percent compared to conventional lighting systems.

Quantec obstacles can be connected to any existing or specially designed UPS. In the latter case, the adjusted space requirement in the enclosure is limited to a compact control cabinet with few components, the largest of which is the power supply with high-performance rechargeable batteries.

Integrates all essential lighting standards

  • Medium power light type A, pursuant to ICAO: tags: nom. 20,000 cd white / night: 2,000 cd white, flashing (on: 0.8 sec / off: 2.2 sec factory default settings)
  • Medium power light type B, pursuant to ICAO: red, nom. 2.000 cd flashing (on: 0.8 sec / off: 2.2 sec)
  • Medium power light type C, pursuant to ICAO: red, nom. 2,000 cd permanent
  • Beacon W, red / beacon W, red ES, > 100 cd: flashing with alternating short and long pause (on: 1 sec – off: 0.5 sec – on: 1 sec – off: 1.5 sec)
  • Low intensity light, effective red, pursuant to ICAO low intensity, type A: >10 cd and ICAO low intensity, type B: >32 cd (individually configurable up to 86 cd)

The systems are approved by AVV and ICAO and their vertical radiation integrates the requirements of AVV, ICAO, MoD, FAA, and Trafi.

If the user/customer wishes and indicates the desired light behavior/type, we provide pre-configured combination lighting systems.

Experts with passion

Passion to push the boundaries of what is technically feasible drives us, the team at Quantec Signals, as well as the vision of a future whose energy needs are »served« by clean, sustainable sources. Without question, we are a creative part of the energy revolution – convinced, committed, enthusiastic, qualified.

»What we do is valuable.« Aware of this, we do our best. We do not claim that everything we do is new. But our goal is to do everything that we do better than it is being done now. We have already succeeded, as our customers can confirm. With the new generation of Quantec Networks obstacles, we have rushed into a technologically leading position. International.