Power supply / AVI control and UPS cabinet

The charging cabinet ensures uninterrupted power supply for Quantec obstacle light systems. They can be used for existing (double) lights or for new installations.

Any already existing control systems can remain in use for day/night switching and error detection.

Integrated sensors continuously capture all relevant status data for the supply components and the microprocessor-supported charging electronics with intelligent management guarantee a high capacity for the system. The system reports warnings from the charging cabinet to an external controller via the corresponding contacts.

System components:

  • power supply unit for 230V power supply/main supply to the entire cabinet
  • charging controller for generating temperature-controlled battery charging current
  • fuse to protect battery circuit
  • high output battery
  • some versions with fan and connected thermostat for fan control
  • plug for 230V power supply, two beacon systems, visibility meter, RS485 terminal connection, and warning and error message loop

System features

  • Control / communication via SCADA (local)
  • Communication with a wind farm server or with a service provider‘s control unit
  • Programmable
  • Log data online
  • Online status control
  • Remote control
  • RS485 communication interface
  • Ethernet