The 100,000 cd high intensity beacon is coming!

Our sister company and production partner Quantec Networks has nearly completed the development of its 100,000-cd high-intensity beacon. The new system will be ready to go into production this year and then be included in our sales program.

Specifically designed for use in regions with extreme winter climate and temperature conditions, the new beacon offers additional features on top of the intelligent Quantec LED hazard beacon’s familiar features. This includes, for example, an integrated heating system which keeps the radiating surfaces free of condensation and icing. Here are some essential features of the system, which was developed mainly for the identification of air traffic obstacles in regions of the northern Hemisphere, especially the Scandinavian countries: 

  • Brightness high resolution up to 100 000cd white (Standard: 50 000cd or 100 000cd)
  • Vertical beam angle according to ICAO and Trafi
  • Robust mechanics for permanent use under harsh conditions
  • Integrated heating system
  • Integrated brightness sensor
  • Radio communication, optional
  • GPS-synchronized flashing
  • Integrated logbook functionality with data storage for approx. 20 years
  • Maintenance free operation

We are happy to answer any questions in this regard.


Datasheet Quantec Beacon High intensity Type B / Medium Intensity, Type A / B / C, IR , Mesh, CCV, 24V DC (15057)