The new »Beacon W, red ES«: small in size, big in performance, intelligent and tough.

Beacon W, red ES

The Quantec Beacon W, red ES LED obstacle light completely integrates the control inside a compact tube housing. Upon the connection to a power supply, each obstacle light is ready for immediate use.

Key features

  • GPS synchronized flashing
  • Mesh radio network (optional)
  • Infrared light (optional)
  • Integrated brightness sensor
  • Visibility meter support
  • Maintenance free
  • Corrosion resistant materials for all surfaces
  • Highly UV and ozone resistant optical units and seals

Performance characteristics

  • Effective intensity:
    - red: >170 ... < 255 cd
    - infrared: adaptable up to 600 mW/sr

Supported light profiles

  • Feuer W, rot ES
  • Combinations of red and optional infrared profiles


Datasheet Quantec Beacon Feuer W, rot ES