This segment light, which corresponds to the latest state of the art, has been constructed for through-the-wall mounting.
Small and compact, this maintenance free and energy efficient beacon optionally also is available with integrated infrared LED.

Usable world-wide without patent restrictions, this tower light also is available in different sizes for concrete towers.

Key features

  • Integrated brightness sensor
  • LightGood pin
  • Built in over-voltage protection: Class III according to IEC61643-11
    Single M12 connector for easy and fast installation
  • Maintenance free
  • Corrosion resistant materials for all surfaces
  • Highly UV and ozone resistant optical units and seals

Adaptable functions

  • Change of light profiles by using dip switches in combination with a Quantec battery and power supply cabinet
  • Day/night modus with different light profiles (idle during the day, red at night)
  • Activation of the tower lights with data from SVInfo, by using the day/night relay of the control cabinet or with the integrated brightness sensor
  • Configuration of light profiles
  • Flashing light profiles (need supporting Quantec battery and power supply cabinet)

Effective intensity

  • red: adaptable up to 50 cd
  • IR: adaptable up to 25 mW/sr
  • Horizontal angle of radiation: > 180°

Light profiles

  • ICAO low-intensity, type A, B and E
  • France low-intensity, STAC type A and B
  • IR following TraFi low IR

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