LED obstacle light system for use in harsh environmental conditions – for external mounting

Low intensity lights / Tower Lighting: External mounting

Characteristics and key features:

  • Infrared in accordance with MoD (UK) / Trafi (FIN)
  • infrared obstruction lights can be seen with night vision goggles (NVG)
  • Reliable obstacle marking
  • red light profiles according to ICAO Low-intensity up to 86 cd (configurable individually)
  • Lifetime without loss of light output: >100,000 hours when operated within the specified temperature range
  • Resistant to mechanical, thermal and climatic stress (seawater resistant, UV resistant)
  • integrated brightness sensor
  • integrated GPS modul
  • integrated heater for cold regions

Reliable marking of flight obstacles with infrared LED systems

Infrared LED obstacle light systems by Quantec Signals are visible with night vision goggles and are extremely dependable and robust – even under harsh environmental conditions.


Datasheet Quantec Beacon ICAO Low-intensity, Type A / B / E, FAA L810, IR, CCV 24V DC (13349) (en)

After receiving your light ratio/type information, Quantec Signals prepares the properly preconfigured combo light systems.