Core competencies: we successfully combine knowledge, skills, methods, technologies, and enthusiasm with peak performance in our obstacle light portfolio. 

In close cooperation with our manufacturing affiliate company Quantec Networks, Quantec Signals has established itself at our Goslar site as a specialist for LED obstacle light systems in all major national and international markets.

The portfolio, predominantly sales and service oriented, integrates all aspects of delivery, including all maintenance aspects. 

In addition, Quantec Signals is responsible for those partners who are supplied with OEM versions by Quantec Networks, the manufacturer of the beacon systems, and who operate independently in the market through this program.

The obstacle light portfolio: more flexibility, more efficiency, and more cost-effectiveness for the identification of aviation hazards - internationally!

International standards for the identification of aviation hazards are becoming increasingly codified. However, a number of “exclusive variables” and requirements remain, which must be met by corresponding systems in a wide range of application areas and fields.

The Quantec Signals portfolio is equally versatile with its spectrum of obstacle lighting systems.

The ultimate in flexibility

Against the background of the need to fulfill international requirements, not only does the scope of our programming ensure a high degree of flexibility, but individual systems and system groups are also designed from the outset in such a way that they integrate multiple signal design options. With appropriate programming or switching functions, the required lighting profiles can be activated with a great deal of flexibility.

With the new family of day/night beacon systems, for example, Quantec Signal offers a system development with almost no limits in terms of usage flexibility.

Concentration of expertise at the Goslar site

The open-door principle has proven its worth in the cooperation between Quantec Signals and Quantec Networks. In the continuous exchange of experience and knowledge, the pulse of market experience is transformed into impulses for the market. 

At the Goslar site, the service departments of both companies are in continuous dialog with one another:

  • Hardware development (with integrated robot-assisted measuring laboratory for laser measurement and conditioning)
  • Automated production of obstacle systems
  • Production of control and UPS cabinets
  • Repairs
  • Storage
  • Service center
  • Administration
  • Sales
  • Purchasing